Trestle Table Hire

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Trestle Table 6' x 2' 6" ( Seats 6 )

6′ Trestle Table Hire

£4.50 plus VAT
Sale! Rustic Vintage Table

Rustic Trestle Table Hire (Seats 6)

£14.40 plus VAT
Sale! vintage plank bench hire

Vintage Plank Trestle Table Hire

£14.40 plus VAT
Table Stainless Steel Food Preparation

Table Stainless Steel (Food Preparation)

£20.00 plus VAT
3 ft Wide x 6 ft Trestle Table ( seats 6 )

3′ Wide Wooden Trestle Table Hire

£4.50 plus VAT
2 ft 6 ins x 2ft 6 ins Exam table, or 2 person trestle table

2’6″ Table Hire – Table for 2/Exam Desk/Table

£3.80 plus VAT
Oval Top Table Hire

Oval Top Table Hire

£24.50 plus VAT
4 ft x 4 ft square trestle table ( seats 8 people, or 2 people per side if pushed together in a long line )

4′ Square Trestle Table Hire (Seats 8)

£4.99 plus VAT
Party Trestle Table Hire

2′ 6″ Wide Wooden Trestle Table Hire

£4.70 plus VAT
Half Round Table ( 5 ft x 2 ft 6 ins ) Used for making large oval tables )

5′ Half Round Table

£3.50 plus VAT
Trestle Table 4' x 2' 6" ( Seats 4 )

Trestle Table Hire 4′ x 2′ 6″ (Seats 4)

£4.00 plus VAT
Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan Coffee Table Hire

£15.00 plus VAT

The trestle table hire you select for your Wedding, Party, or Corporate Event, will have a big impact. How do you plan to arrange the seating of your guests. We offer a wide range of trestle table shapes and sizes. That will enable you to arrange your tables to suit your exact seating requirements. Our experienced staff are very willing to advise you on trestle table selection.

Our tables are hand picked for their noticeable sturdiness and high quality. We are also aware that you may have to move the tables around at your venue. Therefore we have selected light weight, strong commercial 6ft trestle tables for our hire stock. Cleanliness is also high on our priority list and we endeavour to supply the highest standards. Don’t forget we also hire table linen. Available for delivery throughout the West country, covering Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Bath & Bristol.