Double Carvery Unit - Safety and operation instructions


This appliance gets HOT when switched on. Ensure the unit is positioned where personnel cannot accidently get burnt.

Never use abrasive materials to clean the appliance, as this will scratch the stainless steel. Only use soft cloths.

Operating Instructions

1.   Plug the appliance in to a standard socket.
2.   The switch on the unit will illuminate the infra-red lamps on the gantry.
3.   The temperature switch will heat the element below the carving spikes. Allow 20 minutes for the unit to heat up, and adjust to desired setting.
4.   The gastronorm container can be used for gravy or other foods if desired.
5.   When the appliance is not in use, switch off the lamps, turn the temperature dial off and remove the plug from the mains socket. Please also remove any joints of meat and empty the gastronorm dish.
6.   Wait for the appliance to cool before attempting to clean or move the unit.

The appliance is powerful and may not operate effectively if it cannot draw enough power. As such, do not overload plugs, especially if used on an extension lead.

If using an extension lead, make sure it is uncoiled - the lead will heat up and can trip the thermal cut out.

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